LARTC the Debian Way (tm) - Intro

I really appreciate the flexibility and plethora of information you can find on open source topics, especially high visibility items like the Linux Kernel and tools to configure it's run-time state. One collection of tools that has helped me find creative solutions to a number of networking challenges has been the set described in the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO (LARTC). What gems the iproute2 (sometimes just iproute) package holds. After I've gone through and whipped up a solution via the ip and tc commands, I start to wonder about how to get it to survive through a reboot. The servers I work with are primarily running recent versions of Debian so when I come across and implement solutions like the custom script I came across at minigeek.org I wonder how to set up these things in "the Debian Way" (tm). I'll make follow-up posts as I find solutions.